Shop with impact

With each purchase you are contributing directly to the work of Self Help Africa to alleviate poverty in rural Africa, teaching farmers how to earn more from their land and small businesses through access to education, finance and improved markets.

Buy directly, give directly

Whether you are getting caffeinated with 'Trickle Up' Coffee or you're satisfying your sweet tooth with Midunu Chocolate, you are bringing the taste of Africa right into your kitchen.

The coffee beans are purchased directly from the farmers who grew them. It is grown naturally and sustainably by farmers who own their own land and nurture it carefully.

Midunu Chocolates infuse the taste of seasonal teas, tisanes, and complex spice blends, and are hand-crafted in Accra, Ghana by Chef Selassie Atadika and her all-female team of chocolatiers.

By buying Ghanian handcrafted chocolate truffles, and coffee from Rwanda and Ethiopia, you'll be supporting the work of Self Help Africa.